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Answered 143517 how to backup to an rsync server with Déjà Dup ? 2011-01-31 09:58:30 UTC Ploc Déjà Dup Answered
Solved 113845 concept of Task (as in "I have done one item from my todo list") in zeitgeist 2010-06-07 23:14:04 UTC Luca Invernizzi Zeitgeist Data-Sources Solved
Solved 112498 Does backintime work for RHEL or CentOS 5.3? 2010-05-27 16:50:12 UTC Huygens Back In Time Solved
Answered 106974 How can block mozilla firefox in my software firewall 2010-04-10 08:36:13 UTC aneesh Ubuntu Answered
Answered 104996 Firewire hard drive is not recognized in Ubuntu 10.4 beta 1 2010-03-20 14:40:50 UTC Screatch Ubuntu Answered
Answered 104935 firefox slow ubuntu 9.10 2010-03-19 20:32:15 UTC Patrick M firefox in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 91036 Encrypting Ubuntu One using ecryptfs 2009-11-20 18:15:39 UTC vlc ubuntuone-client in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 85796 Lost space on USB Flash 2009-10-14 10:00:26 UTC Ragnar Ubuntu Answered
Answered 68761 Not recognizing 4gb of Ram only 3,7 GiB 2009-04-25 20:31:16 UTC Ivan gnome-system-monitor in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 68690 computer temperature 2009-04-25 18:27:39 UTC Josef gnome-system-monitor in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 67148 How do I install Virtualbox Additions Clients? 2009-04-11 15:25:58 UTC feedfish virtualbox-ose in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 65737 how to report problems with a new kernel from intrepid-proposed? 2009-03-29 07:31:08 UTC Uwe Geuder linux in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 63823 How to install linux programs 2009-03-11 09:54:13 UTC Balakrishna apt in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 63082 How to remove an OS from Grub menu 2009-03-04 16:52:15 UTC mrlopes Ubuntu Solved
Answered 63043 What i have to do to import an internet page to a word document? 2009-03-04 08:56:02 UTC maria meilia alemidada cruz torres kdegraphics in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 62654 How can Totem see my FreeNAS UPnP server 2009-02-28 20:17:38 UTC Mike Smith - dominoconsultant totem in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 62391 feasibility of using virtualbox on Intrepid laptop vs dual boot 2009-02-26 13:21:15 UTC Chuck virtualbox-ose in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 62324 delete old backups 2009-02-25 21:34:40 UTC TobiasDomhan Déjà Dup Answered
Solved 62188 can I use this from the command line? 2009-02-24 17:33:59 UTC Jack Wasey Déjà Dup Solved
Solved 61962 How to verify that the regular backup is activated 2009-02-22 21:17:21 UTC Huygens Déjà Dup Solved
Solved 61938 How do I shutdown a remote windows xp pc from ubuntu 8.04 on the same lan? 2009-02-22 16:33:15 UTC Alfredborg tightvnc in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 61913 Power saving mode statistics 2009-02-22 11:42:31 UTC S pm-utils in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 61270 why i can't connect to a wireless wifi that has a WEP key using ubuntu? 2009-02-16 22:50:06 UTC rojo2000r Ubuntu Answered
Answered 61269 What speed prosser and memory are needed to run Ubuntu 2009-02-16 22:49:05 UTC femmpaws Ubuntu Answered
Solved 61257 problem connecting a nikon d40 to programs 2009-02-16 20:56:47 UTC Kennethotto Ubuntu Solved
Answered 61211 Samba installation prob in ubuntu studio 2009-02-16 13:43:11 UTC Rohit Gupta samba in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 61065 Install of XP after Ubuntu 2009-02-15 08:43:16 UTC jacek Ubuntu Answered
Solved 61048 No Internet Connection - Wired - Ubuntu 8.10 2009-02-15 03:54:59 UTC OhDannyBoy Ubuntu Solved
Answered 60433 Permission between Ubuntu and W2k / XP with smb mount 2009-02-09 18:07:03 UTC Don Barnett apache2 in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 60309 sharing files on a small domestic ubuntu network 2009-02-08 12:14:32 UTC Tito Sorlini samba in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 60293 Messages during startup 2009-02-08 09:02:01 UTC passionguy gparted in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 60262 POP E-Mail account won't accept password 2009-02-07 23:35:36 UTC ReVan evolution in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 60261 Bluetooth/main.conf could not be stored 2009-02-07 23:24:53 UTC Dieter Klaus bluez in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 60258 when I reboot, just keep getting login screen 2009-02-07 22:34:56 UTC knowsgrace ksh in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 60255 Uninstall Delete Ubuntu 2009-02-07 21:51:07 UTC AminJensen Ubuntu Answered
Answered 60220 webpages not opening in opera 2009-02-07 14:27:56 UTC Varsha Jaikumar Ubuntu Answered
Answered 59419 sharing problem 2009-02-01 03:54:30 UTC aneesh samba in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 54906 Availability in European region 2008-12-19 05:45:47 UTC Onestone Ubuntu on EC2 Solved
Solved 5530 procedure to install tapioca (gtalk alternative software) 2007-04-24 04:45:11 UTC Stephen kdebase in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 5481 Edgy to Feisty upgrade failed - system unbootable 2007-04-23 13:58:27 UTC Mick Kielhauser Ubuntu Solved
Solved 5228 Authorization Problems, Unable to Access Controls 2007-04-19 14:15:19 UTC Kyle Brady Ubuntu Solved
Solved 5139 cannot import images from digital camera 2007-04-17 13:59:30 UTC walter painz firefox in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4995 Slow Boot-up on Fiesty 2007-04-14 07:04:14 UTC Steve Garton Ubuntu Solved
Answered 4614 No WPA option in Network Manager! 2007-04-04 02:38:08 UTC Olek Wojnar Ubuntu Answered
Solved 4547 install no hard drive 2007-04-02 12:54:52 UTC 1205919 Ubuntu Solved
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