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Answered 216225 Option to center new windows? 2012-12-07 21:21:34 UTC Hund Gala Answered
Answered 214612 Wingpanel and plank doesnt automatically start anymore? 2012-11-19 13:20:38 UTC Hund elementary OS Answered
Solved 214546 Postler opens link in the text editor? 2012-11-18 17:44:50 UTC Hund elementary OS Solved
Solved 160329 Whats up with the Indicate dep? 2011-06-05 11:54:58 UTC Hund BeatBox Solved
Answered 158756 [Request] CLI output 2011-05-23 23:45:13 UTC Hund BeatBox Answered
Answered 96141 Rhythmbox controllers 2010-01-04 12:10:09 UTC Hund Docky Answered
Answered 96073 Show upload speed at the Deluge icon? 2010-01-03 20:45:11 UTC Hund Docky Answered
Answered 96053 Let Pino show new tweets 2010-01-03 17:35:36 UTC Hund Docky Answered
Answered 96046 Let Pidgin show number of new messages and the name of the person? 2010-01-03 16:59:10 UTC Hund Docky Answered
Solved 95971 News counter for Liferea? 2010-01-02 22:13:15 UTC Hund Docky Solved
Answered 84396 A function that allows the icon in the tray to notify me of new messages? 2009-10-01 04:25:07 UTC Hund Gwibber Answered
Solved 73062 Cant install new themes 2009-06-02 22:50:48 UTC Hund Gwibber Solved
Answered 72926 Request: Remove my PPA. 2009-06-01 18:02:24 UTC Hund Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Answered
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