Questions for Julien Lavergne

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Answered 180195 Where can I find the source code for the indicator-applet plugin? 2011-11-27 22:59:50 UTC Artyom Zorin Awn Answered
Solved 169737 Please create a project group Lubuntu 2011-08-31 21:33:51 UTC Julien Lavergne Launchpad itself [LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Solved
Solved 153046 What is the purpose of "Repositories" in Advanced tab? 2011-04-16 12:24:06 UTC Jiri Grönroos Awn Julien Lavergne Solved
Solved 141095 Do Screenlets need Application Indicators? 2011-01-11 23:53:16 UTC Märt Põder Screenlets Solved
Solved 107375 The need of HAL 2010-04-14 11:48:27 UTC Birger J. Nordølum Awn Extras Julien Lavergne Solved
Solved 59475 unable to install 0.31 on ibex 2009-02-01 15:26:57 UTC KhaaL Awn Solved
Answered 33387 Could you update the import adress for cairo-dock project ? 2008-05-17 14:41:17 UTC Julien Lavergne Launchpad itself Answered
Solved 29584 Package list malformed/corrupt? 2008-04-12 00:32:37 UTC Mark Lee Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 24426 Could you import SVN gimmie trunk to launchpad bzr ? 2008-02-11 20:59:09 UTC Julien Lavergne Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 21146 Can make a debian/watch file with a project host in Launchpad ? 2008-01-01 13:56:50 UTC Julien Lavergne Launchpad itself Solved
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