Questions for edA-qa

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Solved 205047 libzip2 i386 and amd64 can't be installed 2012-08-05 10:31:22 UTC edA-qa libzip in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 202452 How to view tags/ download tagged revision 2012-07-06 18:33:03 UTC edA-qa Launchpad itself Solved
Solved 85888 latest version & download on homepage is not actually the latest version 2009-10-15 08:07:25 UTC edA-qa Launchpad itself Curtis Hovey Solved
Solved 83241 How do I install and use TestPlan 2009-09-19 08:42:16 UTC edA-qa TestPlan Solved
Solved 21768 how to locate a flash drive / identify /dev device 2008-01-08 19:59:10 UTC edA-qa Ubuntu Solved
Solved 4605 no sound firefox flash plugin / alsa with sudo 2007-04-03 18:28:02 UTC edA-qa firefox in Ubuntu Solved
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