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Solved 13486 Terminal launcher on bar: Failed to execute child process "-x" (No such file or directory) 2007-09-16 15:27:44 UTC 2007-09-16 phlegm Ubuntu Solved
Answered 13484 How can i install Ubuntu without a cd drive, USB boot device or any other method mention on this site?? 2007-09-16 15:05:10 UTC 2007-09-16 lludacrisboy Ubuntu Answered
Solved 13474 Webcam support 2007-09-16 11:40:48 UTC 2007-09-16 oddvar Ubuntu Solved
Solved 13461 Unable to mount NTFS drive 2007-09-16 05:30:36 UTC 2007-09-16 LudwigIvan Ubuntu Solved
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