Questions for Carthik Sharma

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Answered 1864 I cannot open or use installed packets. where are they? 2006-09-23 07:02:37 UTC 2006-09-23 carlo Ubuntu Answered
Answered 1858 Need to ping server before send or receiving using POP3 2006-09-22 11:06:56 UTC 2006-09-22 rjhutt evolution in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 1845 installed twice - now i have 2 50 gig ubuntus? 2006-09-21 00:37:24 UTC 2006-09-21 listats Ubuntu Answered
Solved 1825 Good god! Make it possible to use Palm Pilots without all of that configuration, and PLEASE make it so that the sync process won't stop somewhere on eToDo when you follow the reconfiguration method on the forums. 2006-09-19 00:13:22 UTC 2006-09-19 glelg Ubuntu Solved
Solved 335 Backing Up Evolution Data 2006-02-01 14:58:46 UTC 2006-02-01 ddesmarais58 evolution in Ubuntu Solved
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