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Open 216557 Use Mouse Wheel to change volume 2012-12-12 00:21:20 UTC Dozinggrey Audience Open
Solved 215988 Pantheon Files: New tab from favorites with middle button 2012-12-05 01:35:38 UTC Belenos elementary OS Solved
Answered 215941 Search? 2012-12-04 11:41:27 UTC Vit Svarc Files Answered
Solved 215786 Make Desktop a real... Desktop ? 2012-12-02 11:52:53 UTC Coeur Noir elementary OS Solved
Solved 214589 Ugly default theme in empathy 2012-11-19 07:10:26 UTC Dmitry Misharov elementary OS Solved
Answered 214471 Will there be minimize and maximize support 2012-11-17 23:14:14 UTC Mark Findlay elementary OS Answered
Solved 214245 How to search for files in Pantheon Files ? 2012-11-15 09:30:26 UTC SilentOne elementary OS Solved
Answered 205792 Is there a shortcut to minimize all the windows ? 2012-08-14 10:39:27 UTC PerfectCarl elementary OS Answered
Answered 197108 how do i minimize 2012-05-13 22:08:24 UTC abrsdk elementary OS Answered
Solved 192986 Installing flashplayer on ubuntu 8 Hardy 2012-04-08 09:32:18 UTC Philip Marks adobe-flashplugin in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 192965 HP NC6400 - 11.10 installed - no sound at all 2012-04-08 01:57:14 UTC ben reams alsa-driver in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 192932 hd screen resolution 2012-04-07 19:13:40 UTC james pruveadenti xserver-xorg-video-nv in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 192920 cannot upload video clips from Samsung Camcorder 2012-04-07 17:52:47 UTC Elizabeth Jane Talbot gnome-media in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 192910 How to uninstall Evolution & Banshee 2012-04-07 16:38:48 UTC Sukhendu Ghosal software-center in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 192694 youtube not loading ubuntu 10.04 2012-04-05 03:41:13 UTC Graham Nickols flashplugin-nonfree in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 192689 how to draw doted border lines in spread sheet? 2012-04-05 01:22:00 UTC RadhakrishnanNair in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 192667 Ubuntu Installation, /dev/sdb won't show in boot loader choice 2012-04-04 19:26:34 UTC Carl Sirotic ubiquity in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 192658 adobe flash reader or any variant may be unsafe 2012-04-04 17:52:07 UTC Robert Drummond apt in Ubuntu Answered
Solved 192655 Can't update or remove ClamAV. PkgMgr reports errors. 2012-04-04 17:18:32 UTC Tony Wood clamav in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 192574 Why is youtube and hulu not playing? 2012-04-04 01:50:26 UTC Jackson Ramsey adobe-flashplugin in Ubuntu Solved
Solved 192475 Unity stuck just after login 2012-04-03 04:28:58 UTC Kevin George unity in Ubuntu Solved
Answered 191975 I do not know how to use transmission 2012-03-28 20:29:50 UTC jared wanders transmission in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 191866 camtasia7 is not downloadable in ubuntu. 2012-03-27 18:07:12 UTC ahmadshah younussi software-center in Ubuntu Answered
Answered 185076 How do i update the flashplayer on my webbook (operating system is ubuntu) 2012-01-18 09:07:07 UTC Riaan flashplugin-nonfree in Ubuntu Answered
Needs information 163663 Google+ plugin 2011-07-04 01:59:52 UTC Oweoqi Gwibber Needs information
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