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Solved 660906 [request] 3-way/single crossfader feature 2017-11-19 15:12:04 UTC Michael Mixxx Solved
Solved 639584 Is there a Mixxx plugin/extension API similar to Virtual DJ's plugin API? 2017-06-02 05:01:22 UTC Ryan Smith Mixxx RJ Skerry-Ryan Solved
Solved 635872 How to hide centiseconds of playposition? 2017-05-28 13:35:41 UTC ronso0 Mixxx Solved
Answered 615602 after i record my live mix, when i go to play it back there is lots of crackling and static type noises 2017-04-08 16:51:04 UTC dustin reddick baber Mixxx Answered
Answered 403766 Reading, and displaying the value for [ChannelN],track_samples in skins 2016-11-03 14:14:52 UTC jus Mixxx Answered
Solved 364363 Apple Music unplayable through Mixxx 2016-08-25 14:33:56 UTC Holiday Mixxx Solved
Answered 352777 numark mixtrack pro 2 skin/mapping in mixxx 2.0 2016-08-18 16:01:05 UTC psybodia Mixxx Answered
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