Ignore page title prefixes "The" and "A" / custom index order?

Asked by miketheratguy

Hello, I'd like to have Zim ignore the prefixes of my page titles. For example, if I title a page "The Secondary Report" it will be alphabetized among other pages that begin with the letter T rather than the letter S. Similarly, if I title a page "A Distant Possibility" it will show up in the As, not the Ds.

I've been getting around this by going the traditional route of rephrasing the titles like "Secondary Report, The" and "Distant Possibility, A", but I'd just as soon have Zim display the titles normally by simply ignoring common prefixes like "The", "A", and "An". Is there any way to do this?

OR, as an alternative, is there any way to manually rearrange pages in the index myself? I know that I can move pages, but any changes default to Zim's alphabetized order. I can't, for example, manually move "A Distant Possibility" to the D section and get Zim to let me keep it there.

The computer I'm currently using Zim on is Windows, not Ubuntu, but hopefully there's still a universal solution. Thank you!

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Best mtibbi (marcio-tibirica) said :

Hi there,

This issue could be solved with manual sorting of index pane, but this functionality is not implemented yet (Zim 0.67). A possible work around is to put a number in front of each page name, for instance: 01_Page_Name.
Then pages will be organized by the numbers as index pane is sorted in alphabetical order. But if you have more then 20 pages, and you rename pages frequently, renumbering pages will be painful.

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miketheratguy (miketheratguy) said :

Ah, I see. I do have many, many pages so unfortunately I can't go that route but I don't have TOO many pages that would begin with prefixes so for now I guess I'll just keep going the classic elongated naming route. I do actually really appreciate the auto-alphabetization - I think that it's the most convenient, logical and time-saving default - it would just be nice if we also had the option to make our own manual adjustments as well.

It's a bit of a bummer to know that we don't yet have that option but at least I know now that I wasn't overlooking something. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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miketheratguy (miketheratguy) said :

Thanks mtibbi, that solved my question.