How to create a single html page from command line?

Asked by Ralf Hersel on 2017-01-06

I would like to generate a single html page from the command line using the --export feature but I don't know how. I'm able to generate html for the whole ZIM notebook with:

zim --export --format=html --template=ZeroFiveEight --output=./build --overwrite Notes

Is there a way to do the same but just for one single page?
Just to avoid misunderstandings, I know how to generate the complete Notes into one single html file but that's not what I want. I want one single ZIM page in one single html file via command line. Similar to pressing Ctrl+p but from CLI.

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K Ray Vranken (k-ray-v) said : #1

just add the wanted pagename add the end of the command.

Ralf Hersel (ralf.hersel) said : #2

This does not work. For example this command:

zim --export --format=html --template=ZeroFiveEight --output=./build --overwrite Notizen Maxima

leads to this error:

File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zim/export/template.py", line 282, in index_function
    elif ignore_empty and not (path.hascontent or path.haschildren):
AttributeError: 'Path' object has no attribute 'hascontent'

I guess that the page name must be somehow qualified. Can you please post an example?

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