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Asked by Ototk Otedg

Feature request: - option to disable automatic link creation.

I never click any blue links (that are created automatically for emails,addresses etc) but I do copy/paste a lot. Having links makes it hard to select text to copy paste without accidentally clicking link.

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Ototk Otedg (ototkotedg) said :


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Jaap Karssenberg (jaap.karssenberg) said :

Sorry, this section is for FAQ, not feature requests, please add them in the bug tracker.

I think linking things that are external resources makes sense, so will not remove that feature. But maybe something can be done to improve the user interface to avoid unintended clicking?

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Ototk Otedg (ototkotedg) said :

Thank you Jaap!
Made feature request in bug report !

There isnt's really a way to avoid accidental clicking.
I'm using ZIm to replace notepad++/notepad and while Zim is a wiki type notebook, it would be nice if it could be configured to resample plain notepad upon demadt.

Link problems:
If make a copy paste from terminal to Zim, any zim note name in my notebook that foloowed by ":" will become a link. So if I keeping a technical notebook and got name note names like "Data", "Admin", anytihng pasted in anywhere in Zim ":Data, :admin" will make automatic link which really has nothing to do with that specific note, except accidently matching some names.

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Ototk Otedg (ototkotedg) said :

ok, so I sorta fixed this by editing parsing.py:

_classes = {'c': r'[^\s"<>\']'} # limit the character class a bit
#url_re = re.compile('{}')
url_re = Re(r'{}')

I hope this doesn't break much, so far so good.