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Asked by serge rey

When using Zim and the Task List plugin on multiple computers that are synced via dropbox I am running into an issue.

Let's say I am on computer A and I am working with the Task List plugin and have updated the dates of tasks on a number of pages.

Sometime later I return home, and computer B is now synced with computer A. However when I open zim on B and open the Task list plugin, the dates are not updated. I have to select each item in the pop-up window, which in turns loads the page. The page has the updated date, but I have to then resave that page to trigger the update of the event in the Task List popup. And, I have to do this for all tasks that have changed dates since I last opened the file on computer B.

Is there a way to have the dates of changed tasks updated when opening the Task List without having to do each update manually using the approach above. Hopefully I am missing something obvious?

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Jaap Karssenberg (jaap.karssenberg) said :

In this scenario the index is not shared between the computers, just the files (else the index would match, but you might get other trouble).

So on computer B zim has to notice that some files changed, re-index them and as it does that it will also update the task list. Now when you start zim, it will trigger an index update and given some time to discover the changes it should do just fine.

Not sure why this did not work out in your case. Maybe zim was still running, or something else prevented the index update. Simple way to force the normal check is to go to the tools menu and select "update index". If that does not help, for forced indexing run "zim --index -v" from a commandline.

Hope this helps,


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niKDo (peter-deepershadeofgreen) said :

Hello everyone

just wanted to chime in here as I have a related issue. It has to do also with syncing and indexing. My issues is perhaps a little bit more general in nature as I am not just talking about dates in task lists but any change in zim on any page.

I use syncthing (an excellent program) to sync files peer-to-peer between few computers. It was one of the reasons I chose zim - that zim uses flat text file structure, so any syncing program can actually do comparison and detect conflicts and do this on its own, without needed support for this in zim. I simply love it.

When a user makes a change, syncthing detects the changes nicely and updates the underlining pages. Beautiful.
However in zim wiki, it does not. This is obviously, as mentioned in above comments by Jaap because no trigger was made from within zim that changes occurred. I could understand that.

So at this point, what I usually do is trigger 'Update Index'. Except, most of the time it does not work. I do have a suspicion. It seems to work when the page in question was not visited recently. This might have to do with the history bar on the top of zim wiki which shows recent pages visited. If the page is in that list it seems to me then it won't get updated even if 'update index' is clicked. This is a suspicion only however. But I CAN confirm that sometimes the page gets updated and often it does not.

When the page does not get updated with 'update index', then I have to:

1) close all opened zim wikis
2) go to the tray and quit zim (I use tray icon plugin) - basically zim has to be gone from memory
3) Then run zim wiki again, trigger 'update index' and then usually the page has the changes visible
4) At times even the above does not work and I have to go in ~/.cache/zim and purge folders there and then redo steps 1 to 3 above. Then it works for sure

I wish we could figure out how to make 'update index' work for sure...I am not expecting zim to know of changes triggered in the files from another computer (although for smaller wikis, perhaps an option to periodically rebuild index would work nice, and allow to set that time). However if 'update index' were to work, all my users could be simply instructed to once in a while click that functionality to get the changes. As it stands, most of us use laptops (we're offgrid) and the laptop is on sleep mode - and as such our zim wikis run for weeks on end. And most of the times we don't get changes from other users, unless we do steps 1 to 4 sometimes as described above.

I have not yet tried zim --index -v to see if that would work but will try it. However again, that is something I might do as power user but other users would not remember to run on their computers.


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