Is it possible to have a simple log file ?

Asked by taiebot65 on 2010-05-08

Hello i was looking to see if conky/donky could display my last activities via the zeitgeist engine like the gnome-system-viewer do. By using the the command tail -f /var/log/daemon.log i use to display some events in conky but those are useless for a user like me. So i was hoping that the zeitgest-engine would provide me more useful events to record . So i think a log file containing the last 4 days of activity would be a great addition. I would like to see a log file of all the events recently done on my computer like that i could see if someone as used my computer when i was away..etc....

Thanks for your work

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Siegfried Gevatter
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Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #1


You can access the events logged in Zeitgeist over D-Bus or using our Python API.

See for a reference on how to use them.

taiebot65 (taiebot65) said : #2

waouh!!! that was a quick answer. The problem i am not a developper and dbus is a little bit hard.

Me i would just like a command to type to display my last six activities...

Best Siegfried Gevatter (rainct) said : #3

Here you have an example script . Place it somewhere, make it executable and then you can run it as "./ 6" to get a representation of the last six events.

Feel free to ask in #zeitgeist (IRC channel on in case you need help customizing the script to your needs.

taiebot65 (taiebot65) said : #4

Thanks Siegfried Gevatter, that solved my question.