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Asked by streetdaddy on 2009-12-08

Not sure if you're taking feature requests? But here goes anyway...

1. adding InfoWindow's to markers
2. Option to use existing lat/long value instead of a geocode query

I have extended your code to achieve 1. Before I continue extending it I'd be interested to know your roadmap if you want to share?

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For feature request #2, are you looking for a way to render a specific lat/lon to the map, or are you wanting to the use the extension to draw the map and plot the points without having geocoded something?

If you are just trying to plot specific lat/lon to a specified map, see libraries/Result.php :: renderPoint().

I would be interested in your code additions to achieve feature #1.

However, it makes me wonder if we are moving beyond the scope of the purpose for which this plugin was originally created. The original purpose of the plugin was simply to be an easier wrapper for GeoCoding apis. Map generation features were added later on because - in my experience - a lot of the time you geocode something you will want to display a map.

The map interfacing was intentionally left basic. I am trying to keep it more tied to be an extension of the GeoCode result rather than an extension API for manipulating the maps that have been generated.

Rather than adding new functionality to the extension to provide an interface to different features of the map API, I'm wondering if it might be a better idea to simply allow the programmer direct access to the map object that is generated when the map is initially rendered.

Currently this direct access is not possible because all the map interaction happens inside a javascript lambda function. Would it be preferable instead, to have this direct access to the the API object or to have the interaction happen through the extension's functionality?

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