Poly import core dumped

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Hi there,
I am trying to import large number of polyhedra in my model by importing vertices of each poly.
Following script works until ~17k of polys is imported, then I receive Segmentation fault. Any thoughts?
Here is link for poly file, where vertex coordinates are written in each line; last point of each file line is polys centroid: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13lm7qvKHbHxteFKUB5tZejohU7jAjgCj/view?usp=share_link

model script:

from yade import polyhedra_utils
import ast

m = PolyhedraMat()
m.density = 2700
m.Ks = 10E8
m.Kn = 10E8
m.frictionAngle = radians(30)

file = open("Fragments")

for line in file:
    t = polyhedra_utils.polyhedra(material=m, size=0, seed=0, color= polyhedra_utils.randomColor(), v=vertex[0][0:(len(vertex)-3)])
    del vertex[:]


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Jérôme Duriez (jduriez) said :


In my experience (CGAL version 4.11 to 5.02), using Polyhedra is currently at a significant risk of segmentation faults, see https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/issues/242 and links therein.

You can tell us your YADE / CGAL version to try to see if your own issue can be related.

(You can also check RAM usage during your simulation to see how much this is a matter of data volume. Even though I'm not sure it would lead to a "Segmentation fault" in this case ?)

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velimier (velimier) said :

Thanks Jerome,
I will check those. I am using yade 2020.01a version, not sure about cgal.
Also, part of those that I was able to import resulted in complete mess, nothing as it should be.
I used same code with some earlier version of yade and it was flawless, so I will try with some oleder versions.


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Jan Stránský (honzik) said :

> I will try with some oleder versions

a newer version is also worth trying IMO


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Jérôme Duriez (jduriez) said :

You can check your CGAL version with printAllVersions() in YADE terminal. In my experience, Polyhedra simulations (CGAL library more than YADE version ?) was working several years ago (first half of 2020) indeed better than nowadays

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