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Asked by ozge

Is there anyone who can tell me which version of Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04 or 20.04) is the best for running yadedaily without receiving any error ?

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Robert Caulk
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Jan Stránský (honzik) said :


it depends in what "any error" is. Please be more specific. Are you getting some error? What errors? Under what circumstances?

E.g. Python NameError error is independent of Ubuntu version.
Or some segmentation fault due to removed bodies (I remember quite a few cases recently) depends entirely on Yade source code and is also independent of Ubuntu version.


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ozge (osge) said :

I am gonna install it in my new workstation DELL and do not want to receive any error regarding packages etc. So I am just wondering which version you prefer to run yadedaily ?

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Best Robert Caulk (rcaulk) said :

I think you may misunderstand how the yadedaily packaging system works.

Yadedaily is compiled, checked, and tested, separately for each of these Ubuntu versions. So from a Yade perspective, these three operating systems will run Yadedaily without error. However, from an OS LTS perspective [1], 16.04 is no longer supported by canonical, 18.04 will lose support in 2023, and 20.04 will lose support in 2025. So if you are builing a new computer, you might as well start with the newest OS so you do not need to worry about losing support.



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ozge (osge) said :

Thanks Robert Caulk, that solved my question.