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Dear all,
My research is about the behavior of fractured rock masses under THM coupling.I have read the user's manual and learned examples such as uniaxial compression and triaxial compression.
As a beginner of DEM and Yade, I have several basic questions.
1.I reviewed the introduction of FlowEngine and read the relevant examples[1].I'm confused about the parameters such as defTolerance,bndCondIsPressure,bndCondValue... And are default values used for parameters such as fluid properties and flow rate?
2.By reading the user's manual, I learned about law2_ ScGeom_ JCFpmPhys_ Jointedcohesivefrictionalpm can be used in fractured rock mass model.Should I add FlowEngine and ThermalEngine on this basis for coupling research.
3.I feel that I know too little about the basic knowledge of relevant directions. Do you have a good recommendation to read the paper or relevant THM coupling examples.

Many thanks for your help.
Best regards.


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Robert Caulk (rcaulk) said (last edit ):

Hello Ziyu,

Welcome to yade and we are really happy to help you with any questions to may have. However, let's take a moment to start in the right direction. These are our question guidelines [1] - if you are able to adhere to these then I promise you will find a lot of quick help/advice in this forum.

That link I sent you asks users to keep 1 question to each thread. Here you apparently have 3 questions. I will answer them all here but in the future, please take time to review [1] and do your best to provide the proper info.

1) You can find more description of each parameter here [2] and of course looking into the source code is the best way to understand what a parameter is doing [3]. Again if you have a question about an individual functionality of the code - please pose a new thread on that individual functionality. It doesn;t make sense for me to start explaining all the parameters of flowengine here before you even pose your existing understanding of them.

2) Yes, you would add ThermalEngine and FlowEngine to JCFPM if you want to study THM on a fractured rock.

3) Paper [4]. Examples [5].




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Ziyu Wang (ziyuwang1) said :

Thank you Robert Caulk for your prompt and friendly reply.
I'm sorry I didn't read about how to ask questions carefully.The next time I ask a question, I will follow the relevant agreement
Your answer has solved my problem. Thank you again!