extMaterial in cylinderConnection gridpfacet.py not used

Asked by Rohit John on 2021-05-26

Hello all,

I was going through the code in gridpfacet.py [1] and I found that in the definition of the cylinderConnection() function, I found that the argument extMaterial is not used. Is it by design or is that a mistake? I though the nodes were supposed to be assigned intMaterial while the gridConnections were supposed to have extMaterial.

Kind regards,
Rohit K. John

[1] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/py/gridpfacet.py

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Bruno Chareyre
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Bruno Chareyre (bruno-chareyre) said :

The internal interactions use nodes material while the external interactions use connexion/pfacet materials. So (from the top of my head) there is no need for a special "extMaterial".
It was probably typed at some point then not used. Could be removed. Would it make sense?

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Rohit John (rohitkjohn) said :

Hi Bruno,

I thought the intMaterial is CohFrictMat whereas the external material would be FrictMat. In that case wouldn't we need two materials? Just to be clear, the function cylinderConnection() takes in two materials, intMaterial and extMaterial, as arguments. (They are just the names of the arguments in the code). I was under the impression that you pass a CohFrictMat material into intMaterial and a FrictMat material into extMaterial. The way the code is written now [1], the nodes and the connections use the name material. My questions is shouldn't they use two materials as the interactions are different (internal interaction and external interaction as you put it).

Kind regards,
Rohit K. John

[1 ]https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/py/gridpfacet.py

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Chareyre (bruno-chareyre-9) said :

I see. I think you are right, that's a mistake. What I described was
just the general logic, but that particular helper function has this typo.

"cylinder()" just a few lines above uses extMaterial consistently for
calling gridConnection(), for instance.

I'll fix it.


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Best Bruno Chareyre (bruno-chareyre) said :


Should be merged soon. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Rohit John (rohitkjohn) said :

Thanks Bruno Chareyre, that solved my question.