Deactivating NewtonIntegrator.gravity on just a group of particles in the model

Asked by Marcus Moravia on 2021-04-16

Hi everyone!

In just a few particles of my model, I would like to keep the dynamics, but without the gravitational force on these elements. I mean, I wonder if it's possible to do this by turning off gravitational acceleration (NewtonIntegrator.gravity) on just a part of the model's elements and at the same time having gravitational forces acting on the rest of the model's particles.

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Jan Stránský (honzik) said : #1


it is not possible.
It would not be too difficult (IMO!) to implement if needed.

A simple workaround is to apply "opposite force" on "gravity-free" particles.



> A simple workaround is to apply "opposite force" on "gravity-free" particles.

Indeed. Or even set null gravity and assign weight as a permanent force, selectively.

Marcus Moravia (mgmoravia) said : #3

Thanks for the answers. I had thought about applying a counter force as suggested by Jan, but the idea of applying a permanent force seems to me to be less costly for the simulation loop than a routine of counter forces. I'm going to test it, but Bruno would you know beforehand if this approach has a lower computational cost?


Best Jérôme Duriez (jduriez) said : #4

Since we have two ways to impose gravity, you may also look at and its "mask" attribute.

By order of performance I would say, probably:
1. add forces selectively
2. add counter-forces selectively
3. gravity engine #4 (it implies one more loop)

The difference between 1 and 2 is probably negligibly small, though.

Marcus Moravia (mgmoravia) said : #6

Thank you to share that Jérôme, it solved my question.

Marcus Moravia (mgmoravia) said : #7

Thank you very much, Bruno.

Marcus Moravia (mgmoravia) said : #8

Thanks Jérôme Duriez, that solved my question.