When close the primary view, the simulation aborted and the terminal shows "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

Asked by Yuxuan Wen on 2021-03-06


I am using Yade 2020.01a to do a simulation. I met a problem that when I click the "show 3D" to see the evolution of the simulation and then close the primary view directly, the simulation will be aborted and the terminal will show "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". I am confused and searched for such problem, trying to solve it myself, but I couldn't find an answer, would you please help me to see what's going on? Thank you!

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Klaus Thoeni
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Klaus Thoeni (klaus.thoeni) said : #1


this is a known problem and it has been fixed in yadedaily. You can either install yadedaily or instead of pressing the X (Close) you can simply use the "Show 3D" button again (same button you pressed to get the 3D view).


Yuxuan Wen (wenyuxuan) said : #2

Thank you so much Klaus!!! I am going to install YADE daily as you said. And may I ask you another question, that is how to uninstall the yade 2020.01a in my computer? I am a new learner to Ubuntu, I know yade daily can be installed according to the instructions on the website, but I don't know how to unistall the existed yade 2020.01a.

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Yuxuan Wen (wenyuxuan) said : #3

Is it "sudo apt-get remove yade" ??


Best Klaus Thoeni (klaus.thoeni) said : #4

You can run several yade versions at the same time, so no need to remove it. If you still want to remove you can simply use the package manager or use the command you provided.


Yuxuan Wen (wenyuxuan) said : #5

Thanks Klaus Thoeni, that solved my question.