Yade-OpenFOAM icoFoam coupling

Asked by Juan on 2020-11-25

Hello. I am trying to run the icoFoamYade example given in the repository. Software and OS characteristics are as follows:

1. Ubuntu 20.04.
2. Python 3.8.5.
3. Yade version 2020.01a.
4. OpenFOAM v8.

I have been following each step written in the example. In the fourth step, which states to enter in the directory "Yade-OpenFOAM-coupling" and execute commands ./Allclean and ./Allwmake fails with these two error messages for both icoFoam and pimpleFoam examples.

1. icoFoam:

error: 'class Foam::fvMesh' has no member named 'SOLVER'; did you mean 'Foam::dictionary Foam::solution::solvers_'? (not accesible from this context)
125 | pEqn.solve(mesh.solver(p.select(piso.finalInnerIter())));

2. pimpleFoam:

fatal error: singlePhaseTransportModel.H: No such file or directory.

I have been working around through both errors and noticed that if I access to the icoFoamYade.C and comment line 125, the error "stops". Of course, it should not make any sense. In the case of the pimpleFoam error, if I paste the corresponding files to the directory ./openfoam8/src/Osspecific/PO/lnInclude, then more files references are asked until a final error is shown.

I am more interested in running the icoFoamYade example. Any help will be appreciated.

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I'm not expert of that code but do you suggest there is just a problem in some include path?

To help report the issue please be specific on which installation/example you followed (e.g. give url).
You can also give direct link to the code you mention on gitlab (https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/pkg/openfoam/FoamCoupling.cpp#L33), which makes it easier to understand what you speak about.



Janek Kozicki (cosurgi) said : #2

See https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/merge_requests/552

If you need it to be working right now, then downgrade your OpenFoam installation to version 6. Otherwise you can help Deepak and Bruno with fixing this problem.

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