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Asked by malmal on 2020-03-02

Hi everybody.

I'm trying to calculate the amount of kinetic energy between two objects so that the first object is in motion and the second object is stationary. The second object consists of two elements. How can i calculate the amount of energy that each of the elements of the second body receive separately?
So how much the contribution of each of the elements of the second object to the energy absorption of the first object?

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in Python, you have access to all relevant data, then it is easy to compute whatever you want, e.g. kinetic energy of individual bodies, sums them etc....:
# enegy of a single body
b1 = O.bodies[someID]
m1 = b1.state.mass
v1 = b1.state.vel.norm()
e1 = 0.5*m1*pow(v1,2)

# or using a function
def computeKineticEnergyOfOneBody(id):
   b = O.bodies[id]
   m = b.state.mass
   v = b.state.vel.norm()
   return 0.5*m*pow(v,2)
e1 = computeKineticEnergyOfOneBody(someID)

# sum of 2 bodies
e12 = computeKineticEnergyOfOneBody(id1) + computeKineticEnergyOfOneBody(id2)

# sum of several bodies
ids = [id1,id2,id3,id4]
e1234 = sum(computeKineticEnergyOfOneBody(i) for i in ids)

rotational energy can be taken into account, too
You can track the evolution over time or whatever, [1] is a good source of such stuff



malmal (raha101372) said : #2

Thanks for answering the questions
Not all energy is spent on speed change
Each element is made of a number of spheres
Most of the energy is spent on breaking the bonds between the spheres of each element and the other is spent on friction, heat and damping.

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> Thanks for answering the questions

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Thanks Jan Stránský, that solved my question.