Elastic Plastic Material Behavior for Grid Connection Model

Asked by Jeffrey Knowles on 2020-02-08


I am currently trying to model a gabion barrier. My main focus is on building a steel wire mesh basket.

I have tried using a "remote interaction" model with the WireMat material property. This does appear to model a piece-wise behavior (elastic until reaching yielding point and then behaving in a plastic way with permanent deformation). However, the interacting particles don't appear to be able to support any moment. For example, if I create an interaction between two spheres (createInteraction(s0,s1)), with one fixed sphere (s0 = sphere([0,0,0],1, fixed = True)) and another sphere (s1 = sphere([3,0,0],1,fixed = False)), then the fixed sphere stays in place, however, the other one just swings freely like a pendulum. I would think that there should be some stiffness if it is truly a wire connecting them.

I am also trying a "grid connection" method, which seems to be more promising, however it does not portray any plastic behavior (just elastic). Also, it seems that the spheres are not interacting with the wires I have created from the "grid connections". I read that the interaction law: "Law2_ScGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment" may be helpful for this, but not sure.

Ultimately, my question is this: is YADE capable of modeling metal wires that have stiffness and elastic/plastic material properties. I saw Question #159902, which is related, but it didn't quite answer my question.

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance.


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Jeffrey Knowles (knowleje) said : #1

Actually, it looks like I figured it out. I just by adjusted some of the other parameters in the CohFrictMat class while still using the grid connection method.

However, now my model sometimes completely disappears when I make a rectangular frame (closed loop).