Disable a cell in YADE?

Asked by Son Pham Thai on 2019-09-05

Hi YADE community,

like the title said, is there any way at this moment in YADE, one can disable / eliminate a cell ?

If you are curious about why I come up with this question, let me tell you my problem. I have a cylindrical packing of particle (data from experiment). I want to create a cylindrical container for this packing and also need the triangulation of this configuration. The problem is that I cannot run the triangulation based on this . Instead, I have to create a cubic container. This cubic container results in 4 long channel of void space at the 4 corners, which is not a real thing in the original experiment. That why I need to find the way to disable the cells within these 4 corner regions.

Looking forward to your help,

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Robert Caulk (rcaulk) said : #1


It is difficult (impossible) to reply to this question without knowing what commands you are using and how you are using them. In other words, an MWE is necessary here. Please review [1] and provide the supplementary information accordingly if you wish to solicit help.




Hi Robert,

Thanks for your response! I did not post the MWE because there is no error with the script. What I am asking is: Is there any way at this moment in YADE, one can disable / eliminate a cell ? For example, some function like: set the conductivity of the cell as 0, or more simple, just delete the cell from the system, etc.

In case that you still insist on why I did not use the cylindrical container, instead of cubic container that I am using now, please see this question [1]. I could not find the way to do the triangulation for the case of cylindrical boundary.


[1] https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/681336

Best Robert Caulk (rcaulk) said : #3

> conductivity of the cell as 0

This clue tells me this a FlowEngine question. Am I right? Based on the original post I thought this might be a TesselationWrapper question.

If my guess is right, blockCell might solve your problem [1]. If I am wrong, we shouldn't continue ignoring the MWE in the room ;-)




Wow, this FlowEngine.blockCell is exactly what I am looking for. You save my day man!

Thank you very much!

Thanks Robert Caulk, that solved my question.