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Asked by Leonard on 2019-07-02

I am a beginner to Yade.
I wonder if I can see the images of the model when I build the numerical model in Yade? For example, when I add in a new sphere, I can see it on the screen simultaneously.
Currently, I can only type the code in a and save it, then go to terminal to execute the program by "yade"
I'd like to ask that how do code our program in a more efficient way.
Could you please share your work flow?
Many thanks.

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Jérôme Duriez
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Best Jérôme Duriez (jduriez) said : #1


If you would like to see the effects of your YADE commands while you're typing them, it would indeed be better to type them directly in the YADE terminal, instead of passing through a script file.

1) Launch YADE (usually from a bash/"Linux" terminal..)
2) Once you see
In [1]:
on your black terminal, type interactively your commands. Type yade.qt.View() (or use a keyboard shortcut if they work for you) if you want to see things, in particular..

This being said, you may soon think backwards and consider it is more efficient to write commands in a script, then launch the script !

Leonard (z2521899293) said : #2

Thanks Jérôme Duriez, that solved my question.