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Asked by Cloud on 2018-12-24

Hi everyone :

I am trying simulation of particle breakage in a triaxial test by using CohFrictMat. The contacts in a same agglomerate is CohFrictPhys, the contacts of different agglomerates is FrictPhys. It is very similar to the example below:


My question is :
after the following code, does the contacts between different agglomerates become FrictPhys?
for i in O.interactions:
 b1,b2 = [O.bodies[ii] for ii in (i.id1,i.id2)]
 if b1.agglomerate != b2.agglomerate:

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Jérôme Duriez (jduriez) said : #1


This code essentially erases the contacts between different agglomerates, with the O.interactions.erase() line.

Whether these inter-agglomerate contacts are re-created, and with wich type, during the subsequent O.step() strongly depends on the geometry of your problem, and of your O.engines list, which you did not tell us (looking at the mentioned simulation.py did not help me: there is no CohFrictMat/CohFrictPhys therein ;-) )

Note that you can easily check the type of interactions with e.g.:

for i in O.interactions:
 b1,b2 = [O.bodies[ii] for ii in (i.id1,i.id2)]
 if b1.agglomerate != b2.agglomerate:
   print i.phys

Or with "Inspect" from the GUI.

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