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Asked by Anna Vass on 2014-06-12

Hi All,

I could not find any thread regarding the minimum config of a computer that one would use for yade simulations. As I have not used yade yet, could anyone tell me what are the min. specs for CPU speed, RAM and core numbers (8 or 12)?


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Klaus Thoeni (klaus.thoeni) said : #1

Hi Anna,

well, I think the min specs depend on what you want to simulate. I am sure yade is running on any standard pc or laptop. Regarding number of cores, at the moment yade doesn't scale very good (so 8 cores is fine) but you can still run several simulations in parallel if you have many cores. But again, it depends on your needs.

The main thing you should look at is the OS. Try to get the most recent Ubuntu or Debian version.

Good luck,

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for you reply. I do want to get the most recent Ubuntu version but the question is if I have to boost up my current pc, i.e. that is why I'd need a min spec for the CPU speed and the RAM. For a hydro-mechanical model simulating fracturing (preferentially several parallel simulations) would then an 8 core, CPU speed 3.4 GHz and 16GiB RAM do?


Klaus Thoeni (klaus.thoeni) said : #3

Hi Anna,

again it depends on how many particles you want to simulate and how many simulations you want to run in parallel. But to start with the specs you are mentioning should do the job. One of my desktops is about 3 years old and has similar specs and still runs ok.


Christian Jakob (jakob-ifgt) said : #4

Hi Anna,

With my experience I can say, that for DEM calculations following specifications are important:

- high CPU frequency
- disable multithreading (just use physical cores)

RAM depends on what you need (more particles = more RAM). 16 GB "should" be enough ...

I prefer Intels i7 technology. I am working with an i7-2600K (4 physical cores with 3,4 GHz) and very happy with this.



Hi Christan,

That's great, thanks! Now I've made up my mind what to go with :)

Klaus, thank you too!