fixing examples and scripts

Asked by Christian Jakob on 2012-03-09

Starting with the examples folder i detected the first error in

Welcome to Yade bzr3041
TCP python prompt on localhost:9001, auth cookie `yuasse'
XMLRPC info provider on http://localhost:21001
Running script
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/me/YADE/YADE3041/bin/yade-bzr3041", line 182, in runScriptexecfile(script,globals())
  File "", line 36, in <module>cylIds=O.bodies.append(pack.gtsSurface2Facets(cyl.faces()))
  File "/home/me/YADE/YADE3041/lib/yade-bzr3041/py/yade/", line 179, in gtsSurface2Facets
    return [utils.facet([v.coords() for v in face.vertices()],**kw) for face in surf.faces()]
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'faces'

Whats the problem here?

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Anton Gladky (gladky-anton) said : #1

I will take a look.


I suggest to copy/paste [script name , error message] in a text file that can be left in the "not working folder". Or maybe paste the eroor message in a comment at the begining of the script itself.
If you start asking questions for each broken scripts it will take a lot of time. We dont want to kill you. ;)

Christian Jakob (jakob-ifgt) said : #3

I think there should be a more clear structure in scripts and examples.

I would suggest, that we copy ALL model examples into examples folder. Any other scripts like, and so on should stay in the script folder.

Is that ok, or are there complications, when we do so?



It is perfect Christian, but there are a few exceptions which are not
- scripts/test/checks/ must not move. It contains scripts used by the
build robot to check if results are correct after each commit. They are
really "tests" and not examples.
- similarly (but less importantly), a few other benchmark and speed
tests could stay in test/: scripts/test/triax-perf/,
scripts/test/, etc.
- also a few scripts used only for development: e.g.

Could you please move at least /checks back to its original position,
because currently the built system returns error due to that.


Anton Gladky (gladky-anton) said : #5

> Could you please move at least /checks  back to its original position,
> because currently the built system returns error due to that.

I fixed that. Please, do not commit for the moment, I am moving a repo....


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