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Asked by Gayanindika on 2011-08-05

I need to compile Yade 0.20.2 in ubuntu. Since I have some problems with log4cxx, I need to compile without that feature.

Can you give me the command to compile without log4cxx.

{I tried to install it (sudo apt-get install liblog4cxx10-dew) but failed. Also I have installed 0.60.2-trunk in parallel. (with log4cxx)}

Thanks in advance.

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Hadda (hadda) said : #1

Hi !

scons PREFIX=/home/username/YADE optimize=1 features=gts,log4cxx,opengl,openmp,python,vtk

Take out log4cxx, it is default included in features

Good luck !

Gayanindika (wanasinghegi) said : #2

Thanks Hadda.

One more problem. I have yade 0.60.2 in :/home/gayan/yade. And I down loaded and extracted yade 0.20.2 in a folder YADE20.

So, is it ok to compile 20 version by scons PREFIX=/home/gayan/YADE20 optimize=1 features=gts,opengl,openmp,python,vtk

Or, should the folder change to yade20 or else?

Then how can I call each version?

Christian Jakob (jakob-ifgt) said : #3

After compiling yade to /home/gayan/YADE20 there should be a folder /home/gayan/YADE20/bin.
In this folder is an executable (e.g. in my folder it is called yade-bzr2877). You can execute this file with the command /home/gayan/YADE20/bin/yade-0.2 (I dont know how your executable is called, so I called it yade-0.2). If you dont want to type in this long command every time you use yade, you can edit your .bashrc in the home directory and add following line:

alias yade20='/home/gayan/YADE20/bin/yade-0.2'

After restarting your bash (command: . ~/.bashrc), you can call yade with command yade20.
If you want to use more than one yade version you can edit .bashrc analog, e.g.

alias yade60='/home/gayan/YADE60/bin/yade-0.6'



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