which version of libQGLviewer is compatible?

Created by Luc OGER on on 2015-02-02
libQGLviewer 2 6 1 qreal

In order to install the yade package on my Linux opensuse 13.2 I need to install specific libraries such as libQGLviewer.
for special cases like this library, YaST from Opensuse does not provide an official one so I have used the one obtained from the link in the installation yade page, but this link points to libQGLviewer web page which allows us to downlaod the latest available library which is in version 2.6.1.

but this library uses variable in qreal mode which genetares compilation error : the first error is about zNear for gui/qt4/glviewer.cpp line 11 which is in float in the cpp program!

I have corrected this first error but a lot of following ones occur after that....

so which solution is the best one :
-using an older library for libQGLviewer but how old???
- changing some parameter in the cmake or in the Makefiles
- or other solutions???