What does "Upgrade PPAs (replace Ubuntu version)" do?

Asked by Christoph Buchner on 2011-11-08

See title. What does this do? What is there to upgrade about a PPA? And what are Ubuntu versions of PPAs? This is not clear to me, so I'm reluctant to press that button.

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Best Alin Andrei (nilarimogard) said : #1

It was a feature contributed by the same person that provided the "re-enable working ppas after ubuntu upgrade". Here is an example of what it does:

Let's say you use Ubuntu Natty and backup the PPAs, then on some other computer (or the same computer) you do a clean Ubuntu Oneiric install. You can restore the repositories backup, but they will use "natty" for the version, since the backup was performed on Natty - using the "Upgrade PPAs" feature, you can replace "natty" with "oneiric" (you will be prompted to enter the previous version and the new version) for all the PPAs that work with the new version (oneiric in this example).

Ah I see. This could maybe use a rewording, though - "replace Ubuntu version string" would be a bit more useful, I think.

Thanks Alin Andrei, that solved my question.

Alin Andrei (nilarimogard) said : #4

I must use a few words and still describe what it does. Actually that's why I initially rejected the proposal of including it... because I had no idea how to describe it in a few words. "replace Ubuntu version string" doesn't seem right either... and I cannot think of a proper name for it. But I did add a description in the Y PPA Manager help (click the help button on the main window).

"Update release name in PPAs"
or (clearer, but longer)
"Update release name in working PPAs"

Alin Andrei (nilarimogard) said : #6

I'll use the second one in the next version. Thanks!

No problem, glad to be able to help. :-)