Xpad note closes and won't reopen on Linux Mint (not consistent)

Asked by Kateryna Bondarenko on 2019-02-04

Sometimes (I would say with a 50% chance), after re-logging to my Linux Mint, the Xpad note is not present on the Desktop and I'm unable to open the program again (it does nothing silently). Rebooting laptop fixes the problem - I am able to open Xpad, however, letting my laptop to sit idle for a while (which starts the usual routine "Screensaver -> Login Window -> Desktop" ) leads to the same outcome (with 50% chance).
I would like to have my note present on the Desktop at any times. Am I doing something wrong? I have a feeling that I'm just missing something really simple:) Any help or advice appreciated

Boring details that are meant to add clarification if needed:

Xpad version: 4.5.0-0ubuntu1
Linux version: Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64-bit

Steps I take:
1. Fresh start / restart
    Xpad note is not present on a Desktop
Additional check (the process is not running)
    ps -A | grep xpad
Open Xpad
    Home -> Xpad : Xpad opens, note on a Desktop appears
Additional check (the process is running now)
    ps -A | grep xpad
    2226 ? 00:00:01 xpad

2. Take X minute break

3. Login to the system again
    Xpad note is not present on a Desktop
Additional check (the process is running!)
    ps -A | grep xpad
    2226 ? 00:00:03 xpad
Open Xpad
    Home -> Xpad : silently does nothing
Additional check (the process is still running)
    ps -A | grep xpad
    2226 ? 00:00:03 xpad

If any additional info is needed - just tell me what you need to know

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Hi Kateryna,

I am uncertain what this behavior triggers.

Maybe we can find some additional information leading to a hint of the cause.

Would you mind to Quit Xpad and restart it from a console.
Leave this console open and try to reproduce it.

If it does happen, is there an error or warning message in the console?

Hi Arthur,

Sorry for the long delay.

It turns out I was completely wrong of the reason of my issue. I did more tests, and it turns out that my issue is not linked to the idle state / turning on or off / or any such thing

Once I start Xpad (from Terminal or not), everything goes just fine. The program does not crash and does not produce any errors.

I'm using "Hot Corners" feature (not sure if it comes from Mint or from Linux in general but it is native). If I'm hiding all windows ("Show the desktop") using a hot corner and bringing all windows back using the same feature, all my programs (including Xpad note) appear on the Desktop. However, if after hiding all windows, I open any specific window, the Xpad note doesn't come back, and I didn't find any convenient way to get it back. The Xpad program wont restart since it is already running, however killing the process (or just closing the Terminal I've opened Xpad with) lets me to reopen the program (and my beloved note returns to me).

Did I explain the process clearly, or there is anything left to clarify?

Overall, I found the way to deal with issue (either not to use the "Show the desktop" or restart Xpad each time manually), however I'm a bit upset with the choices I have. Did I miss something?

Thank you for your time anyway:)

Hi Kateryna,

The hot corner functionality sounds like something unique to a Linux distribution, in your case Linux Minut or maybe just the Cinnamon variant.

I am guessing that this windows manager sends a hide signal to all windows, including each Xpad pad.
Xpad might receive the signal from the window manager but does not register this change in state.
Or maybe the other way around, when the window manager demands a show all windows.

Anyway, I don't think there is much you can do. It sounds like a bug in Xpad.

This needs some work to reproduce (installing Mint etc) and also some work to reproduce.
So, it is on the list, but don't expect a fix too soon. :)

You might help to create a bug report from this question, so we do not loose this issue out of sight.

Thanks for your help.

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