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Asked by Voline on 2015-04-03

I have two questions related to Xpad which may be feature requests:

Is it possible to enable scrolling without the scrollbar visible? This doesn't seem to work at the moment. This would provide a great minimalist look (like the surf browser) when using window managers like bspwm.

Is it possible to only show/hide a specific pad (not all) via a command which can be assigned to a shortcut? I would love to use a specific Xpad pad as a minimalist scratchpad and show/hide it on demand via a key-combo.

Xpad is a great app!


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Hi Voline,

Both requests are currently not possible, however I believe they are interesting features, which seem to be fairly easy to implement.

Currently hiding the scroll bars means also disabling them. Making a distinction between hiding and disabling would be a nice new feature. Also the ability to show/hide a specific pad by a command line option sounds like a nice feature.

Once in a while developers pass by and wonder if they can help out with Xpad. Implementing these features seems to be a nice thing to do.

Would you mind to create two separate bug reports, which I will change to type 'feature request'?

Voline (voline) said : #2

Many thanks Arthur! That would be extremely useful & much appreciated.
I have submitted bug reports #1440635 & #1440637


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