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Asked by Orangejive on 2014-06-02

Would it be possible to be able to let the user adjust:

1) Padding inside the notes/around the block of text
2) Rounded corners radius
3) Background image (bonus of tiled/no-repeat/etc settings)

It may seem silly and superficial, but these features would make this app perfect in the personalization department.
Padding, especially, would be nice for readability; even if the user can't set it, a top, left and bottom padding of 15-20px would help a lot.

Alternatively, an easy way to theme the notes, like a div, with css so the user could do whatever they want?

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Hi Orangejive!

I like your idea and it shouldn't be to hard to implement.
What I will do is the following.

I will create a blueprint with your specifications above, which you can find here.

For now, I have planned it for release Xpad 4.4

Where you can help out, if you like, is to improve the blueprint, by adding details to the blueprint.
For example, which padding settings would you like to see. In which menu would you expect these settings, how do you change the settings, etc. Just the thinking to make it as easy as possible to use and with the best result for the user.

For the theming the notes, are you suggesting to allow HTML in the notes and process this? I am not I sure if this is easy to implement; neither am I sure if this is what you want. But if it is, or maybe if you have a better idea, would you like to help out with creating a blueprint for this?

The blueprint contains first the feature description, following by all the functional details (buttons, actions, etc), followed by optional technical details.

Orangejive (orangejive) said : #2

Later today I will show some specific examples of what I mean.

The only issue is that I don't know much about this programming language, so I don't know exactly what's possible. Hopefully nothing I describe sounds too silly.

Should I post the specifics to the whiteboard on the blueprint's page?

If you can add/specify the details on the whiteboard, that would be great!

I am not a great programmer either, so no worries :)

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