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Asked by Munto on 2014-03-29

Is it possible to display a list of items like in HTML with unordered list or ordered list ?

Could you implement it if it doesn't exist yet, please ?

Thanks for your work!

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Hi Dorian,

Thanks for you suggestion for new features.

Honestly I am a bit struggling with Xpad development, since I am not sure in which direction I want to continue.

Xpad v4.2 is nice and stable, but based on GTK2, which is not being maintained anymore.
So, the logical path would be to migrate to GTK3.
This I have done already in v4.3, but new issues starting to rise.
GTK3 changes quickly and it is hard to keep up with these changes.
I have noticed many small things in GTK that are taking me away from this GUI.
I also have the feeling that GTK is not the future (anymore).

I am thinking about porting Xpad to Qt, creating a new application called lxqt-pad.
Same essence as before, simple, light-weight and fast.
However a port to another framework takes time (for me learning time).

So, a long story just to tell you that I am struggling to continue development in future proof direction.

But, in whatever direction I will go, I will take your feature request in consideration.
If you feel like it, you can start designing your feature by creating a blueprint.
Or maybe add your idea to an existing blueprint.

The blueprints can be found here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/xpad


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