Xibo 1.6.4 some RSS not showing

Asked by Paweł Będź

I have recently set up Xibo server 1.6.4 (on Win7 SP1, brand new machine with fresh and clean win7 installation, Core3 and 4G of ram).
Also on the same machine i have client installed.
Some RSS feeds are not showing and i can not find why.

One of non-working feeds is: http://www.ab.pl/rss.xml
I have IE11 installed, i'v set in registry BROWSER_EMULATION to 1101...

When i put mentioned above URL to browser or feed reader it works ok.

For mentioned feed in "i"nformation console in client i can see:
UI Thread: Unable to get resource
File Agent...: Exception Run: Unable to get the media resource
In preview mode i also dont see anything showing in rss region.
Some other feeds i am using are working fine (i.e. http://waluty.com.pl/rss/?mode=kursy )
Mentioned RSS is valid (at least thats what w3 validator says).
Any ideas why AB rss isnt working? Any solution?

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Paweł Będź (pawel-bedz) said :

Oh, and i am not behind any proxy. I can freely open above RSS in browser (let it be IE or FF) on client machine, no proxy configured.

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Dan Garner (dangarner) said :


That feed seems to work here... it is the CMS feed parser library that gets the feed, formats it and then serves it to the client pre-formatted (the client doesn't actually do any feed downloading itself).

Can you run through the Report Fault process to recreate and problem and send us the resulting troubleshoot.txt file.

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Paweł Będź (pawel-bedz) said :

Hello Dan. Thank you for such a quick reply!
I have no idea how to add attachement here so i used pastebin. Here is troubleshoot.txt file:
There is a region with contains ticker for http://www.ab.pl/rss.xml (first occurence ~line 83 in troubleshoot file).

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Dan Garner (dangarner) said :

OK, so your PHP installation is generating an error: Feed Error: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This means that when the http feed you have entered is visited, it automatically redirects to https (you can see this in the browser) - unfortunately your machine can't validate that SSL certificates authenticity.

A similar problem has been solved here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14951802/paypal-ipn-unable-to-get-local-issuer-certificate

Hopefully this is helpful!

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Paweł Będź (pawel-bedz) said :

Thank You Dan. You probably are right.
I am no PHP programmer... Can you direct me where i should add this pem file? (to my apache where xibo is installed? or www.ab.pl webmaster must update his page? somewhere else?) I am not asking for exact directions, just some guidance what to look for...

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