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Asked by Roel Vliegen on 2012-08-24

Hey there Xibo users,

I have a question which I haven't found the answer for on Launchpad.

Is it possible to use an local XML file for your RSS feed?
I have build an RSS feed with RSS Feed Creator ( which is in UTF-8 format.

Because of the easy use I want to leave the XML file on our local network where de Xibo server can reach it.
I redirected the RSS feed to file://filelocation/rss.xml (all Windows filesystems). When I start the Xibo client the RSS region stays blank.

Is it possible that local files are not supported?
Thanks in advance.

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No idea which version of Xibo you're using or on which OS, so it's very hard to give you an accurate answer.

Try downloading an RSS feed you know renders correctly in the client - eg and then point the client at that with, for example


Does that work?

If it does, there's an issue with the RSS feed you've created and the particular version of Xibo you're using. It may be that it's an Atom feed which isn't supported in earlier versions of Xibo, or that the encoding is wrong, or it's just plain broken.

If it doesn't then you need to check you don't have for example black text on a black background on your layout?

If it's not that, then we're probably going to need you to install the debug version and provide a log file showing it failing.


Roel Vliegen (r-vliegen) said : #2

Thank you Alex for your quick reaction.
I forgot to give you some crucial information.

The OS where Xibo Server runs on is Windows XP SP3, the Xibo server version is 1.2.2 (latest stable).
The client OS is also Windows XP SP3.

I'm going to check if an working RSS feed also works when loading it from the LAN.
Also: the text/background is in contrast.

Roel Vliegen (r-vliegen) said : #3


I've tried your suggestion to download an working XML feed and place that on the LAN and point Xibo to this file. That did the trick.
I think the feed I build with RSS Feed Creator just isn't in the correct format.

Do you have suggestions for a (free) program to build offline RSS feeds with?
Thanks for your quick help.

Roel Vliegen (r-vliegen) said : #4

Tip for those searching for an RSS feed creator which is complaint with Xibo: use RSS Builder (

So maybe if you're using RSS the same way I do, this may be your solution.

Dan Garner (dangarner) said : #5

1.4 series will support Atom feeds too - so this might get easier.