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Asked by Brendan Devine on 2012-07-19

Hey everyone. I have a minor issue with 1.2.2 with sign updates. I am working on a signage system and currently we only have a server and one test box on the network with their own subnet running on separate hardware. For some reason, while it does pull the latest content when the client opens upon startup or if I click on the launch icon manually, anytime I change the content on the layout, even when I can tell that the client is checking for updates (from the Displays menu) it doesn't change on the client screen. I have been able to switch to the default layout and back to my custom layout and it will change then when the client checks for an update, but otherwise it doesn't at all. I have it set to check for updates every 30 seconds, which is the minimum interval. How do I make the content change when the client contacts the server for an update after I change something on the web GUI? Thanks.

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What duration do you have on the media items in your layout?


Brendan Devine (devineb783) said : #2

I have several regions of text currently and I recently added more media items per region at just 2-4 seconds each on the timeline with no luck.

Brendan Devine (devineb783) said : #3

UPDATE: It seems to be fixed. I updated .net Framework on the client via Windows Update and it seemed to fix it.

But now I have a new problem: Every time I try to add alot of text or with multiple colors per line, I hit the save button and nothing happens. I can't save the new text. I erase it and it is fine. I look at the log files and see an Error code 2 (Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent) with session.class.php. Also anytime I try to upload video or an swf file it hangs. Then I see an undefined index: media_file error 8 on the log for content.class.php. The only thing I touched was the upload file/POST data size when I set it to 1 GB in the php.ini, but I put it back to 128MB. Is there a way to reinstall Xibo, but not lose anything on the signs?

Brendan Devine (devineb783) said : #4

UPDATE: I reinstalled server, XAMPP and client and started fresh and now there are no issues. However, I still cannot upload larger flash files (I managed to upload a flash-based clock, but not video) and any video files. Is there any way I can get video on the server without using the web interface? Can I just plug a flash drive into the server and copy the file to the library directory?

I expect you've not adjusted all the required settings. If you look at the FAQ on the subject theres a link to an article that shows you all the settings you need to change.

You can't upload media except through the server interface


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