Need advice for cheap solution (want to mount 7 screens)

Asked by bruno on 2012-05-12

I love this project and the idea of this comunity.
In Finland I have mounted seven 32inch LCD screens in different shops in a city and other seven in another city and they should all show the same content per city.

At the moment I use Apple Tv to trigger slides that I put on Flickr, it is a very cheap solution but when the shop owners turn the tv on in the morning they must connect to Flickr with the Apple remote and find my bookmark.

I heard abut the Raspberry Pi mini computer running linux and if I understood right, Xibo does not work with set top boxes?

Can some one else give me advice or share their experience with cheap solutions?

Thank you for your time.

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kobus44 (kobus44) said : #1

Raspberry Pi is a promising development, but you'll have to wait a couple of more months for them to be readily available. At the moment, demand is so high that they will only allow 1 Pi per customer. And even moreso, there's a huge waiting list... I've been on it for a couple of months now, should get my Pi somewhere in August I guess.

But why not flash the Atv's with Ubuntu?
They even have an USB-stick creator out, to install an OS to a stick, and boot from there.

bruno (brunellomarone) said : #2

kobus44 thank you for your time to answer, I am a newbie and not proficient in hacks, but, would this device be able to show new slides as soon as it is switched on? I mean as a start up item.

kobus44 (kobus44) said : #3

I've no first hand experience with installing Ubuntu on the AppleTV. But there are lots of manuals around the net:

http://<email address hidden>/msg00881.html

From what I read, this will not load the standard AppleTV menu, but go directly to the Linux install. I'm not sure if this wipes out the original firmware on the appletv. But why do your customers need to power down the Appletv for in the first place? I would think that powering down the LCD screen is enough; the appletv only consumes a couple of watts?

bairdy (bairdy1) said : #4

Just a quick note ive got a Rpi and at the moment xibo doesnt work. This is currently down to libavg which doesnt fully support the Rpi videocore GPU using openGL ES yet as far as i know the guys that make the libary are working on it but will be some time as they dont have one to be able to get it working. I know there is a tutorial to cross copile it as it is but on compiling on the Rpi it breaks its self (gets stuck in a loop!!).

so unfortunatly we will have to wait on the libavg guys getting a Rpi to be able to support it. (I have a second unit on the way so gonna see if the guys there wan it)

Ulrich von Zadow (uzadow) said : #5

We have beta-quality OpenGL ES & Raspberry Pi support in libavg - see the anouncement here:

hexes (ivan-s-borisov) said : #6

We all need native Xibo client on Raspberry!!!
With support of hardware acceleration!

PLZ! Make it!

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