How to install xibo server 1.3.3 in ubuntu 10.04

Asked by Ramakrishnan on 2012-05-02

Hi Alex,

   I want what are the requirements needed to install xibo server 1.3.3 in Ubuntu 10.04.

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Exactly the same as installing any other previous Xibo 1.2 series server.


Thanks Alex

I have installing the xibo server 1.3.3 using the same steps on 1.2 series server but it will throw the below mentioned error:

Incompatible database version detected. Please ensure your database and website versions match. You have 45 and the website for 44

please give the steps how to resolve those problem.

1.3.3 isn't released yet so you're using a version that isn't complete.

1.3.2 is the latest release you can use.


Thanks for your valuable answer....


for tests with different servers (NON PRODUCTION) I tried this one:

vi /var/www/XIBOSERVER/lib/include.php

@ (DBVERSION != '45') I changed the number.

But is a better way, when you are using the _right_ server version ;-)

Dan Garner (dangarner) said : #7

Just to be clear - we do not guarentee that any of the development code in Launchpad, between release tags, will install or work correctly... it is development code after all :-)

Just before we do a release we do a full test to ensure that everything is working correctly and will install.

Please can you use the release code for your installation?

If you intended to develop some new features for the community then that is excellent, most appreciated... however, even in this case you still need to start from the last tagged release - otherwise we will never be able to merge your code in properly... sorry if this wasnt clear before.