What is DocuWorks?

Created by HAYASI Hideki on on 2010-10-28
Fuji Xerox
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HAYASI Hideki on on 2010-11-18

DocuWorks (DW) is a document management software. It is supplied by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd, a leading copier manufacturer in Japan. It has some charming points as follows:

1. Total document management
You can scan, OCR, split, bind, reorder, annotate, encrypt and sign documents and much more with DW.

2. Lightweight
It runs on Windows, and manages documents depending on Windows' file system. No DBMS required. Plus, it runs lightly and operation is comfortable. DocuWorks Viewer Light is also provided, and you can even generate executable document (.exe) including viewer.

3. SDK
Fuji Xerox provides rich SDK for C. And some people release libraries for Visual Basic, Delphi, Java and Python (this!)