How can I secure my wxBanker data?

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wxBanker implements no specific security measures, though there is a blueprint for tracking a built-in security mechanism in wxBanker to be implemented in the future at; please subscribe to the blueprint and add any suggestions to the blueprint whiteboard if you are interested.

There are however a couple of methods for securing your account information in Ubuntu. It should be noted that, although obvious to many, if you lose your password for decrypting the data, you will have lost all access to it. Of course, if you could access password-protected files without a password, there wouldn't be much of a point to the password in the first place.

Here are the methods you can use:

1. Use an encrypted Private directory. This will give you a ~/Private directory which is encrypted and available only when you are logged in and have entered your password. The guide at will explain how to set it up. After doing this, check out for how to store your wxBanker data in a different directory, in this case ~/Private.

2. You can also achieve the same security as step 1 above by checking the "Require a password to log in and decrypt my Home directory" option in the Ubuntu installer. Note that this will encrypt your ENTIRE home directory which makes all your data secure when logged out, but means you will lose all your data if you forget your login password or mount passphrase (though it wouldn't really be security if you didn't).