How do I use a different currency?

Created by Michael Rooney
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Michael Rooney

By default wxBanker should display monetary amounts according to your system's locale. If you want to use a different currency than your language settings, there are two options:

1. Many popular currencies are already included. From the top menu click Settings and then Currency, where you can select a different currency to use. Note that this will change the way all accounts are displayed. If you would like to suggest a currency to add to this list, please follow the simple instructions at .

2. On Linux (and possibly OSX) you can also specify a separate monetary locale if you have that locale installed. For example, if you want currencies displayed as Russian but your locale is something different, you can run wxBanker such as: "LC_MONETARY=ru_RU.utf8 ./", assuming you have the Russian locale installed (on Ubuntu new languages can be installed from System -> Administration -> Language Support). If you aren't sure what the locale is named, you can run "locale -a" in a terminal to see a list of available locale codes to use in the previous command.