How do I store my wxBanker data in Dropbox/Ubuntu One?

Created by Michael Rooney
dropbox cloud sync
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Michael Rooney

You can easily keep your wxBanker data synchronized with Dropbox (or Ubuntu One) with the power of symbolic links. You simply need to move your bank.db file into Dropbox, then link it back:

1. mv ~/.local/share/wxbanker/bank.db ~/Dropbox
2. ln -s ~/Dropbox/bank.db ~/.local/share/wxbanker/bank.db

This moves your bank.db file into Dropbox, and links it back for wxBanker to use. Now on any other computers that use Dropbox, simply complete step 2 again.

If using Ubuntu One instead, simply replace "Dropbox" with "Ubuntu\ One", including the slash which is necessary to escape the space in the directory name.

Happy syncing!