Windows Ubuntu Installer becomes unresponsive when started on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Asked by Michael Yates on 2012-10-22

Downloaded the Windows Installer and ran it. My machine is a 64bit Windows 7 Pro installation. Once the Windows Installer is started, the cursor spins and the Not Responding message appears in the window title line.

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Have you checked your NTFS partition's health?

Michael Yates (2xa-mick) said : #2

I notices that every time I started the Windows Installer, the 7Zip Console process started up. When I killed the hung Windows Installer, the 7Zip process kept running. I killed all the 7Zip processes and restarted the Windows Installer at which time another 7zip Console process started up. When I killed that 7zip process, the Windows Installer started running, apparently running the install correctly. I am about to reboot and see if the installation actually worked. I leave it to others to figure this weird one out.

Michael Yates (2xa-mick) said : #3

That should have been "I noticed..."

Why are you using 7zip?

Michael Yates (2xa-mick) said : #5

I was not using it. It is installed on my computer, but the windows installer started it. I did not start it.

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Why are you using 7zip?

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Is the NTFS partition healthy?

Michael Yates (2xa-mick) said : #7

I have run chdsk multiple times. It is healthy prior to the installation of Ubuntu and has bad attributions that are deleted after the installation. I am about to give up. BTW, it is the 32 bit version of 7Zip that the installation starts running on my machine and which is not even installed on my computer. I suspect something wrong on my computer, but have no idea what it might be.

Why not resize your NTFS partition and install a real install. Bypass the whole Wubi mess.

bcbc (bcbc) said : #9

Wubi uses 7zip as well (probably a different version). Maybe that's the problem.

Please can you click on Create bug report so that the developers are aware of it.
Thanks for taking the time to make Ubuntu better.

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