Wubi 12.04 32 bit install

Asked by Kevin Carnes on 2012-10-19

The wubi page says that I can choose whether to install 12.04 LTS or 12.10, but downloading wubi and running it installs 12.10 64 bit by default. How do I install 32-bit 12.04 with wubi?

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If you download the 12.10 ISO, MD5 test it then mount it using magicdisk. You can run Wubi there

Kevin Carnes (kdc-p) said : #2

I don't want the 12.10 ISO. I want the 12.04 LTS ISO. What's magicdisk?

MagicDisk is a clean Windows tool to mount ISOs. Windows cannot do this without 3rd party tools. Linux has had this functionality for ages.

The Wubi is also on the 12.04 ISO, just grab the one you want.

Kevin Carnes (kdc-p) said : #4

wubi only gives me a demo/full install option, which requires rebooting from the iso. Don't know how to do that in magicdisc.

Just means that the wubi install uses the local data. You don't have to use magicdisk, it just makes things a bit easier imho

Kevin Carnes (kdc-p) said : #6

Well this is going nowhere. I want to install 32 bit 12.04 from within Windows, so that I don't have to partition my disk and can see my windows files from Ubuntu. I've downloaded the 32 bit 12.04 iso image onto my laptop, and mounted it with magicdisc. However, running wubi from that mounted iso requires me to boot from the iso to do the install, which I can't do using magicdisc. How do you suggest I proceed?

Did you right click the wubi.exe file in the root of the CD and click 'run as administrator'?

You can see your windows files from a non wubi install of Ubuntu, Ubuntu has full read and write access to NTFS

Kevin Carnes (kdc-p) said : #8

OK, I'm out of time for now. I'll assume that what I want to do can't be done. If a non-wubi install allows access to NTFS, then I'll just go that route and forget wubi. Thanks for trying.

bcbc (bcbc) said : #9

There are a number of misconceptions:
You cannot install wubi from magicdisk or any mounted image or CD (it's been disabled since 12.04). There is a workaround, but Wubi.exe is supposed to be run standalone. You can still make it use a downloaded ISO by saving it in the same folder as wubi.exe.

Since it's not necessary to mount the image, it's also unnecessary to download and install another 3rd party software to mount it.

You can force wubi to use a 32bit image, either placing the 32bit ISO in the same folder as wubi.exe, or running wubi.exe with the --32bit command line option.

Running 32bit or 64bit makes no difference sharing data.

There's a bug in the Wubi download page (the bit about installing either 12.04 or 12.10). It's being worked on
You can get the 12.04 wubi from http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04

Wubi is best for trying out Ubuntu. It is easy to install or uninstall. But if you want to use Ubuntu longterm you should do a normal dual boot.

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