using windows installer (w7 32bit), got dual boot, got error: Waited too long for boot device

Asked by pjfbncyl on 2012-08-05

Windows installer (Win7 32bit) booted into Ubuntu after a bit of loading screen got error message "Waited too long for boot device" got a bit lost sfter that. Tried help but got lost--- sorry newbie

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Did you use wubi to install, or did you resize your NTFS and install Ubuntu that way?

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #2


Have you recently defragged your NTFS partition?

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #4

sorry forgot you guys were on the ball. Nope didn't defrag, damn, doing it now but is it too late? Should I run wubi again after defragging?

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #5

It's only 1% fragged = two 500mb RAID, done every wed so should be ok...? Defragging anyway

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #6

Partioned disk and tried installing in the new partition, same error message. Made iso disk tried that, same error message

I'm guessing you used software RAID. You may need to have a separate partition not on the RAID which contains the boot data.

This may help:

pjfbncyl (philipjamesbryan) said : #8

ok!Followed your instructions re alternate. first time went to manual as per instructions, couldn't find "create new empty partition" nor "free space" went into softwareRAID seemed to go into a loop everytime I tried to create MD drive on each partition. Went ahead with install...same error. 2nd try : went down to the partition that I had created in windows and got rid of ntfs and converted it to free space,I then turned off "do not use" to use and turned on the bootable flag. it automatically installed EXT4 on it and made it /home. Proceeded with installation. Writing this in ubuntu! WONDERFUL!!!!

Thanks so much for your help.
hahaha...I'll Be Back...luvya