Ubuntu 11.04 installs only in Wubi environment

Asked by Julianloui on 2012-07-06

I have been experiencing some very strange post-installation problems with Ubuntu 11.04 in a non-Windows environment for several months. My basic reason for installing 11.04 is that it provides users more in-depth access to Linux and the computer's hardware than 12.04 as far as my experience with it in a Wubi (Windows XP) environment goes. I am summarizing my data below and hope someone can advise me how to overcome my trouble.

1. 11.04 alongside Windows XP on three computers (Wubi environment)
I have been able to add 11.04 to three Windows XP computers and operate it successfully. Unfortunately Windows XP has destroyed 11.04 on two of the computers. This problem has been widely reported and verified. That is what motivates me to install 11.04 as the sole operating system on a single computer.

2. 12.04 on HP d530 business pc with 40GB H.D. and 526 MB RAM
I have been running 12.04 trouble-free on this machine as its sole operating system for several months. It accepts only one of my wireles adapters, namely the IOGear GWU625 wireless-N adapter whereas 11.04 accepts both the IOGear and Linksys wireless-G adapters.

3. 11.04 alongside 12.04 on HP d530
Last night I hastily installed 11.04 alongside 12.04 only to find afterwards that 12.04 had disappeared. The installation was not a success as I could not open most of the pull-down menus. When I clicked on the screen, I just created black rectangles. The only reliable command I could invoke was 'Shutdown'.

4. 11.04 demo from installation CD on HP d530
When I subsequently ran 11.04 from the CD in demo mode, I was able to repeat the failure patterns described above. I am puzzled by the fact that the same CD's demo mode always works perfectly in a Windows XP environment.

I'll be most grateful if someone can help me resolve this puzzle.


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Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) is EOL in October and I suggest you upgrade them to Precise (Ubuntu 12.04) or clean install Precise.

Are there 4 issues here or just 1?

Julianloui (julianloui) said : #2

As I said in my original report, I prefer 11.04 over 12.04 for the stated reasons. I can always re-install 12.04 as the sole O.S. of my HP d530 computer without any trouble.


A) Has anyone encountered my 11.04 installation problems in a non-Windows environment? To put it more clearly, has anyone successfully installed 11.04 as a computer's sole operating system?

Months ago when I decided to dedicate the HP d530 to Linux using Ubuntu 11.04 as my Linux candidate, I also saw random black rectangles on the screen right after installation. Happily I next succeeded in installing 12.04. But it was mysteriously wiped out and replaced by 11.04 when I recently instructed the 11.04 installation CD to install 11.04 alongside 12.04.

B) How can I install 11.04 alongside 12.04 or just 11.04 alone as the sole O.S. of my HP d530 computer?
Intuitively I think I should be able to do so since 11.04 is a formal Ubuntu release. I sure hope Ubuntu can answer this question without doing any research.

Thanks very much for responding to my post.


A) Yes I have had all 4 of my systems purely running every release of Ubuntu since Gutsy (7.10, released back in 2007) without many hitches.

11.04 is a 'formal release' but so is 11.10 (Oneiric) and so is 12.04 (Precise LTS)....I don't see your point here. you could dual boot both releases but considering Natty is EOL in October (4 months time), it's hardly worth putting any sort of effort in to getting it working. I suggest a clean install of Precise on it's own. Running Natty and Precise on the same system won't gain you anything....

Julianloui (julianloui) said : #4

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

Julianloui (julianloui) said : #5

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for answering my main question. I guess there must be something subtle about my HP d530's hardware or BIOS which favors Ubuntu12.04 but not 11.04.

I wasn't really interested in making 11.04 work as a machine's sole O.S. Your information has amply satisfied my
curiosity. I think I will restore 12.04 on my HP d530 computer. The process is simple enough and consumes less than 45 minutes. Once again, my original interest in 11.04 simply had to do with my peculiar personal bias toward 11.04. On the other hand, I can easily content myself with 12.04.

Once again, thank you for your good advice.