Does WTODS need macros enabled?

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Jon Thysell on

Yes. Without the use of macros, WTODS will not function properly if at all.

When you open WTODS you should be prompted to "Enable Macros".

If not, one of the following must be true:
* Your macro security settings are set to "Low". (This is not recommended and can be dangerous.)
* Your macro security settings are set to "High".

My recommendation is to set your macro security settings to "Medium". This means that every time you open a document that contains macros, you will be given the choice to enable or disable macros. This is the safest way to use WTODS, even if it's annoying to have to say yes all the time.

You can choose "Low", but that increases the likelihood of you opening a malicious document that uses macros in a way you don't want.

Some official releases of WTODS in the past had the macros digitally signed by me. When you would open WTODS, you would be given the option to not only enable macros, but also to "trust" my digital signature, so that you weren't prompted every time you open WTODS (which, given daily weigh-ins, can be annoying).

However, the certificates I can get for free only last for a few months before the expire, meaning after that you'd be back to enabling manually every time. The longer lasting certificates require extensive time and/or money on my part to acquire.