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Asked by ABNormal on 2009-12-28

I'ld like to export files (from WBFS Hard Disk to PC) having the WBFS not only named with the
Id-code but with code+title, as your WDF export does (example: Sudoku Ball - Detective [R9SPPL])
is it possible to add an instruction to choose how to format file name in export settings (only ID, only title, ID - [title], title - [ID]), please?


(in italian: è possibile poter decidere il nome dei files esportati dall'attuale GameID.wbfs a altre forme, tipo Titolo - [GameID] o altre combinazioni?)

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Carlo Mandelli
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Carlo Mandelli (camandel) said : #1

Games exported in WBFS format are composed by 2 files (all needed by USB Loaders with FAT32 support):


all informations your need are already included in files names.

Happy New Year!!!

ABNormal (abnormal1962) said : #2

yes, 2 files.... but if you look for a game in a title, maybe only a maniac will look for RGHP52
instead of trying to find "Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock "
so my answer shoud become "why that unuseful txt file instead of a better formatted wbfs title?")

in the meanwhile... BUON ANNO anche a te! (happy new year to you too)

Best Carlo Mandelli (camandel) said : #3

"why that unuseful txt file instead of a better formatted wbfs title?"

You are right, but I think that it depends on USBLoader-FAT code:


ABNormal (abnormal1962) said : #4

Thanks Carlo Mandelli, that solved my question.

ABNormal (abnormal1962) said : #5

second link is my request to cfg-loader's creators to modify that name.. thank you Carlo